Sometimes You Have To Say No

I am writing to you today. 

Technically I shouldn’t be because I should be in Atlantic City for the AAAI/ISMA conference. But after working 10 days straight and standing for over 80 hours, hurting my elbow and getting a cold/ flu; my body was just like no. I decided to hang with this guy.Though my mind said yes and I was all packed and ready to go with my snacks, I just couldn’t. I never felt so much pain and exhaustion in my body. I definitely coffee overdosed this week to try to keep going. I decided to see if the hotel would refund me and they did. I’m pretty sure because they were overbooked and I can retake the exam in the Cape Cod conference which is less then two months away. Not too shabby. I’ve been eating dairy here and there. Listening to my body and of course making sure it’s only organic. It’s just me being lazy to cook or think what to eat. Look what I found; new Chobani’s! The pistachio and dark chocolate one is quite delicious. I totally would eat it again. And as for the walnuts in the other, I will pick them out so don’t worry.  Also I’ve been eating Almond Dream non-dairy ice cream from time to time. Since it’s been hot, I don’t really want to eat anything except for cold things.And what is this? Well, you will have to stay tuned. So much to tell!Question: Have you ever had a moment where you just had to say no? Whether it was to your friend, to yourself or anyone? Or maybe to a job or trip?


4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Have To Say No

  1. I’ve tried a few of the Chobani Flip’s, but never the Pistachio! YUM! I typically love anything with pistachio flavor so I’m sure it’s delicious 🙂 I’ll have to keep my eye out for it!

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