WIAW #53: Oh The Places You Will Go

Another Wednesday means another What I Ate Wednesday.

You won’t guess where I am? That’s right, I am in Massachusetts. Of course, New England is always calling. For this WIAW, I show you some eats I have been grubbin’ on. But before we do that I wanted to talk about something that may be on your mine. Why are you seeing wheat?wiawphotobuttonWell to be honest and this is the honest truth; I just haven’t been hungry for anything. So the only thing I manage to eat is a sandwich that someone prepares for me. How does my stomach feel? Most of the times, it’s okay and I try to stick to sourdough or not to whole wheat bread (less bran for digesting). I know it probably not the best thing but I wanted to show you that I am human.

Hanging with mom at the mall and made a stop at Panera Bread for a delicious panini!

It’s just that I have been all over the place, [even the post is all over] and these eats will show you so. Non-the-less they are delicious. Oh, I had to share with you some yummy vanilla froyo with blackberries and almonds with my mom while we were at the mall. Who can pass up some froyo?Now for breakfasts, I have been doing this awesome WholeFoods find from Nature’s Path; Qi’a! It’s a delicious gluten-free superfood cereal and I’ve mix it into my breakfast cakes. The stats are awesome, you just really have to check it out. I tried out the cranberry vanilla in store and fell in love. And it has 15% of iron, which is perfect for my anemic behind.For snacks, I couldn’t resist picking up on of these bad boys.And how bout my lunch today? My friend and I went for Brazilian. My, oh, my! But I think I am the only one who eats Vegetarian style at a specialty meat BBQ place.Other snacks have included bananas, apples, pears, nuts/seeds and dark chocolate chips. Nothing too interesting. But so far my favorite meal was this one of a turkey and herb sandwich on sourdough bread with blackberries and yogurt. Mmm, mmm good!Question: Do you ever feel being in the blog/ social media world that you have to be perfect? I sometimes feel that but now I am just being me and showing that I am not perfect, I have flaws… MANY, MANY flaws. But it’s what makes me, me.


19 thoughts on “WIAW #53: Oh The Places You Will Go

  1. I think your honesty is great! Go you!
    I don’t know that I feel I have to be perfect, but I do feel obligated to be honest. In reality I don’t have to be, but part of the reason I started my blog was to share my eats, and so I’ll do that, the “good” and the “bad”. Then again, I do think I put too much pressure on myself by calling some foods “bad”. If I’m craving them, I’ll eat them! And now after reading this post, I’m totally craving some sourdough bread. YUM.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well!

    And yes, I definitely feel a little bit of pressure to present myself as “perfectly” as possible in the social media world. But, I do think there has been a movement of rebellion against this and i’m seeing a lot more bloggers saying, “I’m not perfect! And I’m fine with that!” I think we all know that striving for perfection is an exhausting, horrible experience…but some of us are more open about it then others. We are learning together 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I agree with you 100% it’s giving me the strength to not be perfect like eating all my veggies, not blogging daily and so much more. I started blogging to share my life and love for food not to be perfect 🙂 Learning = Power!

  3. I have definitely felt that way. And since I haven’t been eating as healthy lately, I almost feel bad about posting my eats. All your food looks awesome- I want to try that superfood cereal!

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