WIAW #54: Back On My Own

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

It seems like Wednesday always comes super fast. I want to share with you my yummy eats over the past few days. Being back on my own means more cooking and as always good food. Check out WIAW over at Peas and Crayons if you haven’t already. Enjoy!Breakfasts have been the cake again but this time I added 1 Tbsp of the Q’ia cereal. Mmm!For snacks I do a trail mix for my first snack and some type of fruit for my second.I recreated my favorite lunch from my old job. I roasted chicken and asparagus and had black beans to go with it. Love this combo of things.After work one of the days, I went to the Brazilian place for dinner. It’s cheap, on the way home and delicious. I had zucchini, rice, beans and bean “stuffing.”Post dinner? Oh yes, more chocolate cherry trail mix from Whole Foods. I mixed it with pumpkin seeds and took out the peanuts. I think I am addicted. Oh well, no shame here. Question: What are you currently addicted too?


19 thoughts on “WIAW #54: Back On My Own

  1. yum, love your trail mixes! do you have any brazilian food recommendations? i’ve only been to a rodizio once, but fell IN LOVE with the fried plantains and cheesy bread 😀

  2. That roasted chicken turned out wonderfully!

    And that trail mix looks awesome. Good call with adding the pumpkin seeds. Aren’t you allergic to peanuts? Is that why you took them out? Glad to see that cross contamination doesn’t seem to be a problem for ya! 🙂

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