I Try And Do My Best

Today is Friday; I am suppose to be off but I have to work later.

It’s only for a few hours and I can workout after my shift. But I did want to dress up a bit while I ran my errands. I feel like I’ve been wearing Planet Fitness gear all week. Well, that’s because I have, ha.I went to run a few errands; bank, supermarket, the usual. I stopped by Walmart to grab some air fresher for my car. Unfortunately it smells like Mr. Hercules, sigh.I also got some non-foodie things; hairspray, 2-1 shampoo and conditioner (which I only use in the summer) and some redness reducer face wash. This scrub is my favorite and only used in the summer too because my face gets red.From the supermarket, I got a lot of dairy apparently. I like to avoid dairy because A. I am lactose intolerant (but low-fat kinds and yogurt aren’t too terrible) and B. it’s bloating factor. But I needed some quick snacks that are not trail mixes. I’ve over-trailed it!I munched on the Wallaby (with Q-ia!) while I did some meal prepping.My gawsh. I totally said meal prepping. Today I am trying to get back into it, even if its just packing fruit, nuts and a cheese wrap. I have to start somewhere. I haven’t meal prepped much in months. No lie.And lastly, who can forget? Coffee. Non-fat latte’s with some raw sugar added. Heaven.Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I will be working both days but going home soon! Are you doing anything fun? Tell me 🙂


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