Oh My Gee? A Fun Finds Friday!

I have a ton of awesome finds to show you as well as grocery shopping! My mom and my brother took me to supermarkets yesterday (Whole Foods and Fairway) as part of my birthday present. I even dressed up and everything, that’s because we also went to dinner. More on that manana!You know I love food and I can’t resist a trip to the supermarket. Before I get into that, you know I bought stuff for trail mixing; pistachios, cashews, raisins, mulberries, dark chocolate covered almonds and raisins, cashews and dried apricots.

I found another gluten-free version of granola by Nature’s Path; vanilla cranberry. It has coconuts, cranberries, pistachios and coconut flakes. I have to say this is definitely one of my favorite granola by them. They only downside is 140 calories per 1/4 cup. I also got either for a snack or post workout breakfast this protein powder pack from Vega. It’s vegan, gluten-free and has 25g of protein. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to try.Also from Vega? I am in love with these savi seed snacks! My favorite is the karmalized one. I never heard of these seeds but they also have omega 3’s like chia and flax seeds.I found these gluten-free burgers by Sol Cuisine. I’m impressed that they have soy burgers now without wheat. I tried one and it wasn’t too bad but I definitely wouldn’t buy it againNext by Nature dark chocolate dried apricots with only 7g of sugar per serving? Uh, yes! They have so many other delicious ones to try. Oh my I must find them all.Last by not least? More chocolate. I cannot wait to try this dark chocolate and cocoa nibs with sea salt by Madecasse. Go check out these website, they have an awesome about us.Question: Any fun finds on your end? Enjoy your weekend folks. Tomorrow I head out on a nice drive with my mom and grandma to head back to the MA on my 25th birthday!


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