WIAW #56: Eats From My Birthday Week!

As you probably can tell, I celebrated my birthday is chunks. 

Pretty much because I had to work on my birthday, but none-the-less, I had a blast. My family’s celebration of my birthday was last Thursday but then friends and my mom/grandma came later. So for this What I Ate Wednesday, I will show you my eats from my real birthday and yesterday’s celebration with my friends!wiawphotobuttonFor breakfast yesterday, I made the chia and oats combo again. I just can’t get over how delicious, filling and amazing this is for breakfast. So far, not tired of it yet! On my birthday, I was traveling back to MA and I always need to grab a cup of Green Mountain. There is just something about traveling and drinking Green Mountain coffee for me.For my birthday lunch, we went to Uno’s since I had a freebie from them. Yay for freebies! I went with their herb chicken with roasted veggies and red mashed potatoes. So, good!Yesterday my friend took me to Burton’s Grill, my absolute favorite and we split GF pizza and a salad. Everything was delicious but this gluten-free cake with ice cream was the cherry on top.Since I was working on my birthday, I had much lunch to go, it was pretty much looked like this; a chicken, asparagus and gouda cheese sandwich. My new favorite meal.And lastly my roomies got me my favorite beer. A little lambic never hurt anyone. Well just a tiny bit I am still after all a smidge still allergic.Question: Ever had to celebrate you birthday on a day other then your actual birthday?

This is the first time this has happened to me in a while, I definitely loved it more because it was over the span of a week. A whole week of awesome fun :-]


20 thoughts on “WIAW #56: Eats From My Birthday Week!

  1. Happy Birthday! I bet that gluten-free cake was incredible. That is so awesome that they had an allergen-friendly option for you.

    Great picture with the peace signs. You look really happy and cute! Great outfit as well.

  2. Will definitely be making the chicken/gouda/asparagus sandwich. It looks delicious! I’m surprised to not see any pizza since you went to UNO’,s however your meal does look pretty great 🙂

    Happy Birthday (belated)

  3. I typically have a little celebration on my actual birthday; however, we have a bigger celebration (meaning, more family members) on the weekend before or after my birthday. My birthday usually falls on a weekday so it’s harder for everyone to make it!

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