Do Not Disturb…

Hello my lovelies!

Today is Saturday and I have been awake since 6:00am. I only got two hours of sleep and I have to be up quite late tonight. Pardon if I am cranky, but that’s the mood for today. Crank-zilla! You are warned. But at least I’ve been looking cute this week with these new earrings from my friend for my birthday. Love em’!At least my friend gave me these Verve, all-natural energy drinks to sample. They are from a company called Vemma and I must say, looking at the stats and the company, I am in love. It gave me really good energy and the taste was delicious. I am not a fan of drinking anything but water and coffee. I am not a juice person what so ever, but this really was amazing.I definitely want to try more from this company and I suggest you check them out. Like, really. Since I used the energy for studying for the personal training exam. It’s only in a few weeks, so I gotta hit the books again. Not to mention real school starts next week. Meh.This week has also been filled with truffle making and selling. It’s been a blast making them and trying out different flavors. I love when people enjoy my goods. You know?Of course, I have to save twenty a few for me too.Lastly, this week I did something with my egg whites… not that I really eat them anyway but check this out. I added chia seeds to my egg whites. More iron, protein and omega-3’s. Win-win! On the rare occasion I make eggs, this is definitely going to be my routine.Question: How are you when you don’t get sleep? Cranky? Rude? Calm? My cranky [pardonmyFrench] ass is going to read about the respiratory system for the MILLIONTH TIME and drink some coffee.

Do Not Disturb…


2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb…

  1. When I don’t get sleep I am like a walking zombie. Seriously. I have recently realized that I can’t fully wake-up without coffee. I wish I weren’t that addicted but it’s an unfortunate truth. 😦

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