WIAW #57: More Of The Gnome

The traveling gnome is here with some eats from New York!

I originally was going to go back yesterday but I had an emergency to take care of. All is well now! Oh and if you are new to the What I Ate Wednesday Party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the dets.wiawphotobuttonThis WIAW is going to be different; mostly sweet with a hint of savory. This coffee oh my gosh, totally a delicious. I could literally eat it all day; well drink.I’ve been making a ton of truffles for orders! I experimented with peanut butter and mocha versions of the amaretto ones. They are quite yummy, from what I tasted.And I’m always buying stuff for trail mixin’.How about these bars? Gluten-free version of Balance Bars? I can’t wait to try and their are rain forest alliance certified? Win-win!Oh my gosh, these truffles are to die for. They are from Stop and Shop. But if there is one near you, then I recommend you go find them. Like now.Dinner from tonight? Chicken, snow peas, rice and a smidge of beef. My dad is an awesome griller. Note to self; find a husband like that. But today it was my brother that cooked, yay for him!And lastly, I had froyo today. It’s been a while since I got “naughty” toppings; like caramel, chocolate turtles, cheesecake bits… yum! My tummy is not so happy but my heart is. Meh.Question: Ice cream or chocolates? Uh, I say both!


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