The Sunday Before

I hate to say it but, Mr. Hercules, the love of my life will be reuniting with is “father” (aka the ex) tomorrow.I am going to being taking him to Florida on a plane… on my lap. Do you know how much of a hassle it is to send an animal through cargo? It was just easier for me to go with him. Plus at least I know he is safe on my lap. Oh and not to mention a trip to the F-L dizzle.I have been hauling my bum to the gym more. I just have been so mentally drained that I haven’t gone much or worked out to the best of my ability. Take a look at that sweaty face; no excuses!I have been eating cleaner too, in terms of eating free of my allergens. My stomach has been bloaty since I am eating them. Well only the ones that make me bloaty. Sigh, what is wrong with me?Above is some egg whites, light gouda, black beans, spinach and coffee with protein almond milk by So Delicious. Below is roasted chicken with black beans, hummus and almonds. Plus, lots of parsley. I start school next week and I am freaking out. Doesn’t matter it must be done, right? Going back to setting up my fruit and cheese platters, because they always help for those long night classes.For desserts? More cheese, nuts, dried fruit and of course, dark chocolate. Love the sweet and salty combo; like salted caramel with chocolate. Oh my.Well I am off to eat lunch and then go to work and then figure out where I want to go straight to the airport or go at 4:00am. Decisions, decisions.

Questions: What do you suggest in terms of the airport. Have you ever had to depart with a furry friend because of moving or any other circumstance?


12 thoughts on “The Sunday Before

  1. Allergies are so much more than a hassle…they are just so frustrating. I hope you start to feel better soon.
    I’m sorry you have to say goodbye to your kitty. 😦

  2. I’m so sorry about your kitty 😦 Hopefully you will get to visit!
    Mmmm fruit and cheese – such a winning combination! And then when you throw chocolate in the mix? I little slice of heaven on a plate.

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