WIAW #58: 600th Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

Happy 600th post to yours truly, Sabrina aka Nutritiously Sweet!

It just so happens to fall on a What I Ate Wednesday (brought to you by Peas and Crayons). It’s my last day in Florida and I have to show you some delicious sweets I had been chowing down. wiawphotobuttonFor breakfasts, its the usual chia/ oats business but on a couple days I had a little bit of this delicious coffee by Godiva. Hands down my favorite flavored coffee out there that isn’t Green Mountain Coffee.Allan took me to both Universal Studios and Downtown Disney. It was a total blast! I even got me a Mickey shirt. #KidAtHeart!First sweet is a Brazilian coconut kiss, which is there version of a truffle. You’ve seen it before and you’ll see if again in the future because they are just so good.Allan cooked lunch, Brazilian style. I literally had this plate twice.Then we went to downtown Disney and walked around. It was super hot outside and we needed to cool off with something delicious. How about a Ghirardelli expresso sundae; dark chocolate sauce, dark chocolate chips, expresso ice cream and dark chocolate square. Enough said.When we were at Universal Studios, we went to a candy shop and got a bunch yums like dark chocolate covered toffee, maple, almonds and such. Allan got some random things too.After our adventures in both downtown Disney and Universal Studios, we went to a Brazilian buffet called Vittorios on IDrive in Orlando. I had this plate three times. Just don’t tell anyone ok?They even had a multitude of desserts; I got the coconut pudding with caramel and rice pudding. The rice pudding was my favorite. It was absolute heaven!After we came home, Allan surprised me with a caramel apple. As if I need more sweets? I only had a little bit of it because the caramel does have corn. None-the-less it was quite delicious.Question: Ever been in a sugar coma? Because… that is totally me right now!


9 thoughts on “WIAW #58: 600th Couldn’t Be Sweeter!

  1. Looks like you’ve been enjoying some yummy foods 🙂 The coffee looks so good!! Also, that’s great that you were able to go to Universal and Downtown Disney. I have been to Universal but never to Downtown Disney! I think it would be fun to enjoy now that I am old enough to do so 😀

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