Orlando In A Hurry

Like I told you in this week’s WIAW, I went to Orlando to take Mr. Hercules to Allan. It was quite an interesting experience. I’m not going to get too personal, but it was a bit emotional. He is after all, my former partner in crime and the only one who was willing to help me take care of Mr. Herc. My parents can’t really take care of him anymore due to trips and construction in the house. It’s better if he is with someone that I know will take care of him and Allan fits the bill!Any who, we did a lot of fun stuff; mostly eat though. My favorite thing was seeing these fun caramel, chocolate and candy covered apples. I loved the Monsters Inc. ones from downtown Disney.How about a Monsters Inc. hat? I so wanted it. No joke.Check out Allan, ha. How about eating a huge “burger” at Universal Studios?Or enjoying a waterfront view at Universal?My trip was short but it was nice and sweet. I enjoyed seeing Allan again, it was quite interesting. But at least my little annoying munchkin is in good shape.

Question: Have you traveled anywhere this year? This summer? So far I’ve been to New York (duh), Puerto Rico, Vermont, Orlando and soon Cape Cod again!


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