Oh My Monday

It’s Monday!

I have never ever in my life been happier that it’s Monday. Partly because it’s my Sunday which means I finally get to relax. This past week hasn’t been the greatest in terms of rest. I haven’t gotten much sleep. Maybe anywhere from two-five hours.It hasn’t been pretty; my body hasn’t felt good and besides my sleep being off so has my food and eating behaviors. I am glad that I can attempt to get back on track with my body. For breakfast today I had me some overnight oats with dried cherries. I forgot how yummy this oats.My meals have been a lot of these cheese, fruit, crackers, egg and nut platter things. They are just quick and since I have been all go, go, go... this is just easier.But I did manage to make a “pesto style” pizza this past weekend; I used the gluten-free Rustic Crust, a garlic and herb laughing cow, pesto, lots of garlic and greens. So delicious!I managed to go to the store today and get a few items. I am back to eating mostly vegetarian. My digestive system definitely needs it after over doing it on chicken when I was in Orlando.I even got a new item; I decided to try the hazelnut nut-thins as oppose to the almond ones I always get. I like that these taste more like a cracker/ potato chip thing. Definitely my new favorite.I’m even loving the laughing cow wedges more. It’s just really tasy with crackers or wraps and perfect for me now because I don’t wish to cook in this heat!

Question: Do your eating habits change during the summer? I know people do more smoothies and sandwiches in the summer. I personally just like to do platters of random stuff, hehe.


8 thoughts on “Oh My Monday

  1. How have you survived with only 2-5 hours of sleep? Lol. I think other than a few occasions where I’ve stayed up super late (or early as the case may be) for a birthday part or Hunger Games midnight premiere, I always get at least 6 hours of sleep. My digestion gets so much worse when I’m sleep deprived. I hope you enjoy your long rest! 🙂

  2. I love the idea of laughing cow cheese + pesto for pizza! I’ll have to try that as I have both of those just sitting in my fridge! 🙂
    Fruit+cheese+nut+cracker plates are the BEST! Seriously, four of my favorite foods in one place. Doesn’t get much better than that 😉
    My food changed a lot this summer because I’m home from college and can actually cook hehe. But if I had it my way, they would be pretty consistent throughout the whole year. I just usually crave the same things!
    I hope you can get some sleep!

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