WIAW #59: Snackin’

It seems like I have been snacking these days…

Like I said, it is just to hot for me to stand over the oven. Even though there is AC, I just really don’t want to. The heat makes me lazy, what can I say? For this WIAW, I show you some snack eats. Because well uh, that’s what I am eating!wiawphotobuttonFor breakfast I start with some overnight oats and maybe a half hour later some coffee. This has kind of become my routine. I like to snuggle in a sweater in the air conditioner and pretend like it’s winter. Gosh, I miss winter. Am I the only one?I had to go to my program yesterday and since I know there is A.C in there, I decided to wear a winter scarf over my summer dress. Call me crazy?Before heading out, I made a quick lunch; egg white omelette, black beans and a bit of garlic and herb laughing cow cheese wedge on top. I also had some veggie chips, which are unpictured.Before heading to the school, I stopped at Whole Foods and did a little reading with some more coffee. Today was just one of those days where coffee was needed.A little organic gala apple for munchin’.And behold, a snack platter for dinner; two laughing cow Swiss wedges, hazelnut nut-thins, almonds, and trail mix. I had another one just like this when I got back home. I was still hungry and still to lazy to cook.Question: Ever have those days where you need something all day? Yesterday was a coffee day but most days I always need chocolate and chia seeds. Love me some chia goodness.


11 thoughts on “WIAW #59: Snackin’

  1. On longer running days, I feel like I eat non-stop all day long. I’m sure not complaining though 😉
    I love hazelnut thins! They taste like popcorn to me which is always good 🙂
    Haha too funny that you wore a scarf in summer! I’m no better though… I literally sometimes wear fleece jackets outside (and always inside) in summer. I don’t know how I get cold in summer, but I do!

  2. I don’t like the humidity of summer, but I definitely don’t miss the sub 20 temperatures! It’s good that I have an A/C though because like you, when it’s hot I am never in the mood to eat!

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