Week Recap: Instagram, Yoga and Yums!

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It’s Friday…I mean Thursday night, practically Friday right? This week was filled with too much studying. I really need a breather.

I have been de-stressing with some yoga and practicing my side plank with a leg lift. It’s not easy but I enjoy a challenge and I feel oh, so strong.Speaking of strong, I am doing my “one month in a healthy hurry” by doing two of the workouts using kettle-bells instead of weights. Oh man, my body feels the burn. But I am loving every second.I’ve been eating a lot of the “pizza’s” still these days; brown rice wrap, Swiss laughing cow, pesto, chia seeds, olive oil and broccoli. Yums.Of course… nuts, seeds and chocolate. Pure and utter heaven, I swear.And more laughing cow! Along with hazelnut nut-thins and grapes.And this hott babe; it’s my amaretto truffles, sans the almond extract (just used vanilla extract), made it into a square and topped it with some chia seeds for fun.Question: Any plans for the weekend? How was your week? Or is it to damn hot to think? Work this weekend for me but I am glad this week is over! And it’s hot. Plain and simple.


2 thoughts on “Week Recap: Instagram, Yoga and Yums!

  1. Side plank with a leg lift sounds killer! Side planks by themselves are hard. But it does sound like a great challenge! I’m definitely going to have to try it.
    And nuts and chocolate ARE the definition of heaven. I just might be able to live on those two things alone…if some bread was thrown in there, and some cheese, and fruit, and… okay, maybe I couldn’t live on JUsT nuts and chocolate, but they’re still pretty fantastic 😉

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