Vegan Week Recap!

Granted, I didn’t complete a full week of vegan but I did manage to do 5 days. Today I went a “lunch date” and had a steak salad, which is on my Instagram. It was super delicious and I couldn’t pass up a cooked meal that I didn’t have to cook, hehe. Any who, it’s time to do the recap. Are ya ready?How did I feel?

I felt amazing. I must say, after cutting out dairy during my Paleo Week, I realized that it was contributing a lot to my acid/ bile reflux. I was tired of having pain, but then after I cut out red meat, things settled down. Having low iron, food allergies and acid/bile reflux makes life quite difficult sometimes. I am just trying to find a balance of things and I only had to take a pill once for my acid/bile reflux and that was only because I had some cow’s milk when my soymilk spilled in my car. It was instant suffering because I had been doing vegan for a couple of days.What did I eat?

I mostly stuck to brown rice wraps, oats, trail mixes, nut butter, hummus, nut-thins, flax crackers, fruits, spring mix salad, asparagus, chia seeds, dark chocolate (vegan from Trader Joe’s!), soymilk/ almond milk and the occasional Clif bar. It was pretty “boring” to some, but I was satisfied. I definitely ate less calories then normal (maybe 200-300 less) because I just really didn’t need it. Besides, y’all all know that I have been pretty snacky this summer. Don’t judge.What did I think overall?

I was very pleased that I lost a few pounds (4 to be exact). Not that I am trying to lose weight but it’s always nice to have a pair of jeans or shirt feel a bit loser. At least that is my opinion. I found that I had more energy to do my workouts and my digestive system wasn’t on overload so I felt light [and not weighed down] all the time. I never experience that “oh my gosh I am so full that I want to nap” at all during the time I ate vegan. I was hesitant to try vegan back in the day because of my love of cheese and yogurt. But honestly now that I did cut out most dairy a few months ago, and not to mention I am lactose intolerant, it’s something I wouldn’t mind really doing.Other thoughts?

One thing I will say is that (in case anyone was wondering) I do eat a lot of fruit or veggies due to the fact that it bothers my tummy. I know I had mentioned it once but can’t remember when. But for me, not over doing it on veggies helps me personally.. I want to continue a vegan lifestyle as much as possible. We shall see, as sometimes I may cheat so perhaps I can be a vegan with benefits? Hmmm, maybe?

Question: What’s you take on a vegan lifestyle? Or do you not like to classify your eating? I am in between, sometimes I like to classify but for the most part, I just enjoy eating!


8 thoughts on “Vegan Week Recap!

  1. Cheese and yogurt… the two reasons why I would have a hard time being vegan too! 😉 Of course, I didn’t used to think I could ever be vegetarian either, and it’s been about six years so…. Actually, I know that I could definitely be vegan, but for me personally, I don’t see the need because my body seems to be doing really well with how I’m eating now. I love how you tried it for a week though to see how you like it. I might have to try that sometime just for fun! I used to do a day of all raw just to try different foods, and that was so much fun. Unfortunately, the raw food really upset my digestive system. 😦 Instead of feeling light and full of energy like I’ve heard some describe, I felt completely boggled down. Oh well, now I know that it’s not right for me!

  2. I don’t think I could make it five days as a vegan. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet; however, cutting out milk and eggs would be just too difficult 🙂 I totally believe you felt better though – I’ve heard a gluten-free diet makes your body feel better as well.

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