Cape Cod Part One: Mama Sweets!

Guess who came to surprise me yesterday? Mama Sweets! She came to tag along and have fun at Cape Cod help me drive to Cape Cod to the AAAI/ISMA Conference. Why don’t I show you some awesomeness first? Friday night we went out to eat in Olive Garden. I had the Tuscan Chicken with asparagus. Though delicious, it did upset my tummy.My mom had a cafe latte and I had the amaretto tiramisu dolcini. Yum!Today, we woke up bright and early at 5:00am to head to Cape Cod for the conference.On our way to the Cape, I spotted Marylou’s. I just had to go in since Carrots N’ Cake always raves about it. I had a hazelnut coffee and it was really delicious.We got to the conference center early, so we waited a bit for registration.Once it hit 9:00am, it was conference time. On my lunch break I sat outside and enjoyed some sun. I brought some snacks with me; crackers, nuts, bananas and such.Once back inside, it was time for more learning plus a tubing workshop with Greg Sims. I know I am totally going to be super sore tomorrow.On that note, I will head to bed! Stay tuned for part two and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Question: Have you ever done tubing?


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