Cape Cod Part Two: Tidbits!

Sunday was the personal training exam. But it didn’t stop me from waking up bright and early and going to the gym to work out. I found a planet fitness 5 minutes from the hotel! Win, win.Th lectures and workshops on Sunday involved more learning and more working out. Although I loved every minute, I tell you I have never been so sore in my life. During my lunch break, my mom and I went out into downtown Cape Cod to find food.We stopped by the Green Lotus Cafe, which is a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free restaurant. I got a lovely muffin from there (which I think was lemon poppy). It was delicious!Since that wasn’t exactly lunch (and I saved the muffin), we went to a cafe and creperie called Rendez Vous. My mom had a chicken panini and I had a spinach and garlic crepe. It was pretty good, but way too much crepe for my taste.After lunch, I headed back to the conference, finished up the workshops and took my exam. I feel really good about the exam, but I have to wait a few weeks. While heading back, we stopped by Whole Foods in Hingham and had dinner. Oh and some truffles on the side.Today is my moms last day here so we are going to be enjoying it with some gym, walking around and food! Don’t worry, you will see some yummy eats tomorrow.

Question: Do you stay healthy during vacation? Or drop your habits? Or even do half and half (like me?). I know I have asked this question before but it’s always good to hear people’s thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Cape Cod Part Two: Tidbits!

  1. 1) We have a Planet Fitness nearby our house and I considered joining it for the mere fact that it is open 24 hours. Love that. 2) Lemon poppy muffins are my favorite!!!! 3) I try to stay mostly healthy on vacation but I do indulge much more than in my everyday life!

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