You Can Go With This

No idea why that song popped in my head. So uh, now I work at the crack of dawn courtesy of my choice. 6-2 or 2-10? I  rather take a quick nap and be ready to enjoy the rest of the day!At least I get to enjoy my breakfast in peace. I wish this mirror didn’t have a ton of dust. I like to use this mirror to workout in the storage room; no distractions. You don’t know how good I’m feeling! Its been tough having extra skin to deal with post weight loss, but I am making the most of it and my new plan has definitely helped kick it up a notch!One Friday, I went to pick up a few random things; broccoli, oats, Greek yogurt (to see how it feels on my tummy), fruit and crackers.I’ve been making little protein cakes (adding in egg whites) for breakfast now. I missed the taste as it’s more like a healthy pancake to me. Or cake I suppose.I have eaten this delicious meal twice; it’s eggs with lettuce, crackers and a mass of quinoa, black beans, wheat berries, chickpeas and whatever else I threw in there from the Whole Foods buffet.Most of my post-workout snacks consist of fruit and nuts/ nut butter. Oh my.

I am off too…


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