WIAW #61: Gone Random

This WIAW it’s going to be a tad random. I will be showing you some coffee goodness, grocery goodies and delicious eats. If you are new to the WIAW party, go check it out over at Peas and Crayons!wiawphotobuttonFirst off is coffee; while driving to New York on Monday (yes I’m in NY), I stopped by a service area and there was Pistachio ice cream flavored coffee. Seriously one of the best coffee flavors I have ever tasted.Before I went to my house in NY, I stopped by the supermarket to grab a few things. Chia and hemp seeds, quinoa, dried cherries, almonds, crackers, cheese wedges, chocolate, almond butter and such.I also ate lunch because I was starving! I had some marjoram seasoned chicken with green beans and roasted potato wedges. Nothing like some meat and potatoes from time to time.For a snack, I went with a cut up peach, splash of soy, chia seeds and almonds/almond butter.Yesterday was a nice day, so I just had to dress up a bit. My mom and I ended up going fishing in Central Park. My mom and I both caught a fish. And as tradition, caught a poor turtle. Sheesh.While fishing, we had some lunch; I made a salad with nuts and seeds, Swiss cheese wedge, quinoa, brown rice, multi-grain roll, almonds and grapes. Dessert? I had So Delicious soy chocolate ice cream with chia and hemp seeds and almond butter. I’ve been craving ice cream and my mom had this so… I just ate it all.

Question: Ever do random things? I’m practically the definition of random. Favorite coffee flavor? I am going to go with toffee nut, hazelnut and now pistachio ice cream. Oh yes!


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