Another Walk Through The Gardens

While visiting my family in New York, my mom and I went to the Botanical Gardens again.Though it was a cloudy day, it was still beautiful.We took a ride on the tram and toured the garden.Even sat down to enjoy some lunch; pesto panini with greens, cheese and salami. Mmmm.There was even an awesome farmer’s market. I snagged me some peaches and… A scone! This scone was pure heaven, hence why my mom got me two. She is totally the best. Thanks mom! It has been so long since I enjoyed some type of muffin. Only in Vermont.
We also went to the garden’s store to browse around. Boobs Flowers anyone?#KidAtHeartQuestion: Are you still a kid at heart too? Shop around any Farmer’s Markets lately? Any yummy finds?


6 thoughts on “Another Walk Through The Gardens

  1. So pretty and I am definitely a kid at heart. I love to reminisce about my childhood and I can’t wait to have my own kids one day so that I can relive little bits of childhood through them 😉

  2. What gorgeous gardens!! And yum to both the panini AND the scone. Lemon ginger – now that sounds heavenly! I’m definitely a kid at heart (and kind of in reality too 😉 ). I still buy stuffed animals on occasion. 🙂

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