Drinking Up To Food & Fun

Sunday, Sunday.It’s the little things that count; like your coworker/ “fake little brother” brings you a soy latte when you are falling asleep. Or getting some yummy groceries.How about having a drink? Raspberry vodka and sprite; my new fav!Maybe even having a friend make you dinner?Or having a kick ass workout?How about having a friend bring you a slice of gluten-free chocolate cake?Or a brunch date, hehe :]Between going to New York this week and enjoying the company of friends, it has been wonderful. I hope next week isn’t too bad, but I do have a final, so wish me luck!

Question: How has your weekend been? Any fun things going on in your world? What’s your favorite drink or brunch item? Anything raspberry and french toast-y for me!


9 thoughts on “Drinking Up To Food & Fun

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