WIAW #62: Keeping It Repetitive, I Mean Simple

Simple can be very delicious! For this WIAW, I’ll be showing you some of my repetitive simple eats that I have been enjoying. Still don’t have the “mojo” desire for cooking. Don’t know why, just still don’t want to. Meh.
wiawphotobuttonI’m still starting out with my chia & oats mixture (with soy milk and pure maple syrup) but I have added hemp and flax seeds to the mix. Seriously this breakfast keeps me going, especially when I have to get at the crack of dawn and work alone for three hours. I need something satisfying!
Snacks lately have consisted of grapes and almonds. I’ve definitely gotten tired of pears and Trader Joe’s organic grapes are sweet and juicy.
Lunches have been pretty much the same; flax crackers, laughing cow, rice cheese, flax seeds, almonds, herbs and greens. More grapes are always in order.
My other snacks or “desserts” have been a mixture dark chocolate, almond butter, hemp seeds, raisins and almonds. Sometimes I even throw in dried cherries. This totally curbs my sweet tooth.
For dinner or even lunch, I do the same as above except use broccoli sauteed in garlic and olive oil. I usually use the flax crackers. As you can see I am addicted to those crackers.
But I manged to not buy them only so I can vary and I bought brown rice wraps instead. I also got a few things I was running low on plus the new white cheddar laughing cow, which is really good but my favorite garlic and herb. Some baby kale is in order to try out. Hope it’s good!
Question: Have you tried out anything new this week? Maybe tried a new recipe even? Kale or spinach? Though I know kale is suppose to be the best, I probably would stick to spinach. Creature of habit.


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