The Way She Smiles

Even though it is a pain to wake up at 5:00am on the weekends, I don’t mind looking at this beautiful sight. So… a member at my gym the other day walked in and literally stopped in his track. He did a double take and said he was memorized by me. Seriously best compliment EVER.I don’t know what it is, but I find myself smiling a lot more the past few days. Trying to have a positive outlook on life. You guys helped A TON by leaving me all those amazing comments. It really made me feel loved and special.Not to mention I received some amazing news in two different places. I am so excited as to what is in store for me. My mom even sent this e-gift card from Starbucks. She is seriously the bestest and it totally made my day. Thanks mom! Don’t worries, you guys will be in the loop very soon!It’s been nice to relax and enjoy my favorite toffee nut soy latte. Bliss! I’ve been hitting it harder at the gym too. Now that class is over, I can get back to more intense workouts. I don’t like to work out to hard personally when I have class just because I don’t want to be so drained mentally. Since I have been following my revamped coaching plan and now hiting the gym hard, I have dropped a pant size (8 -> 6) in about a month! I pretty much have been eating “maintian weight calories” and following the new workout plan since July 12th. I wasn’t doing it for weight loss purposes but I ended up losing about 6 lbs. I love that my clothes are feeling looser and I can buy some tighter clothing. Like this dress for example; I could never wear it before but now that my body is getting more toned and where I want it to be, I feel confident rocking it!Question: How was everyone’s weekend? Anything exciting happen? For me I ended up working 14 hours on Sunday! It was exhausting but I am gratful for more hours. #ItsTheLittleThings


11 thoughts on “The Way She Smiles

  1. What a nice compliment at the gym 🙂 It is always nice to have strangers compliment you but this was an extra nice compliment! I’m really glad that your comment responses boosted your mood. That’s what we’re here for lady 😉

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