Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein Powder

Happy Monday y’all!

I just wanted to start out this week by talking about my current “diet.” Now, I follow no specific “diet” but on most days, I still find myself eating vegetarian/ vegan meals. Lately the only “non-veg” foods I have been eating are chicken, laughing cow cheese wedge and the occasional egg white or two.

If I do any meat I try to make sure it is from an organic source. It really makes all the difference in terms of taste and how my body feels after eating it since there are no antibiotics or growth hormones.

I just know that personally, my body needs the extra protein since I have pushing hard with my workouts. Due too all the issues I have with my digestive system and acid/ bile reflux, I can’t eat as many beans/legumes (for protein) as I would like to or even too many carbs either since both irritate it.

Hence why you see me doing more nuts and seeds, but I do make sure not to go over 70g of fat, which tends to irritate the reflux. With all that being said, onto some goodies! The other day I went to Whole Foods to grab a few things. Because you know, once in a while I do like to treat myself.

My mom recently stumbled upon this Raw Fit protein powder. I am always skeptical when it comes to buying big jars of them only because I worry I won’t like them. But this one? Seriously the best one I have ever tasted. It is made with sesame seeds (aka an allergen of mine) but I don’t find I have any issues yet.I’ve been using it to make my protein french toast instead of using PB protein powder and it tastes even better. Not to mention more satisfying! I love that it has probiotics, since as a lactose intolerant person, I have a hard time getting that in from a natural source.I think I have become slightly addicted to french toast. I even brought it to work with me for the early a.m shifts (which are no more; hello full-time night time!).No worries, I have eaten other things like a quinoa black bean chickpea salad with a sourdough bread roll and garlic/ herb laughing cow cheese wedge. My favorite.Or an open faced chicken sandwich with black beans and arugula. Yeah, I had a lot of black beans I needed to use up. Like a lot and my stomach was not happy by any means!

Question: Ever tried and Garden of Life products? I have tried their regular raw vanilla protein powder and it was pretty good but this one just blows me away. Not only through my taste buds but how satisfied I feel!


8 thoughts on “Garden of Life Raw Fit Protein Powder

  1. I like Garden of Life protein powder, but SunWarrior is actually my favorite! I love it in smoothies after a workout with almond milk, almond butter, frozen nanners and cinnamon. SO delish! Love your idea of protein french toast, too.

  2. I have struggled with my weight all my life, and considered my ‘case’ to be unresolvable. Lost 100 pounds. Gained 30 back. Losing again thanks to Raw Fit. For several reasons, it keeps me full, provides the fiber I need to gently deal with my IBS, taste great, and keeps blood sugar spikes away

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