WIAW #64: Grapes, Grapes and More Grapes

Another Wednesday calls for another WIAW! If you are new to the What I Ate Wednesday party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for all the delicious d[EAT]ails.For breakfasts, I have been enjoying the french toast on most occasions. But my favorite has been some oats, honey, chia and flax seeds with cranberreies and peanut butter.For snacks, you know grapes and almonds were involved. My lunches have been pretty small and quick (and times two). One this week was a bit of salad, nuts & seeds, flax crackers, laughing cow and a turkey burger.Since I still had money on my Starbucks gift card, one of my dinners at work this week was this protein bistro box and a soy latte plus extra organic grapes on the side from Trader Joe’s. I don’t know why but the grapes from there are amazing.I’ve been desserting on yogurt lately. I have this massive craving for ice cream and yogurt, plus chia seeds and peanut butter seem to satisfy that craving. Sometimes I throw in cranberries. I know, sugar overload, but I don’t add the granola since it has corn starch.
Or maybe even some chocolate, peanut butter and chia seeds, plus more chocolate. Oh yes!Question: What have you been craving these days and how do you take care of them? Big ones for me this week have been ice cream and sometimes pizza but I have not satisfied that one yet. Boo; note to self… go find pizza asap!


8 thoughts on “WIAW #64: Grapes, Grapes and More Grapes

  1. I’ve seen those bistro boxes advertised all over the place and was just telling a friend about how she should try one out, but I don’t think they sell them in our local Starbucks! Too bad because they seem super healthy and perfect to cover all of the bases 🙂

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