Weight Training Vs. Cardio: Which Is Better?

Hello my friends!

I can now officially share with you the good news and announce that I am officially and certified personal trainer through AAAI/ISMA (the other was passing my summer classes, yay)! I put in a lot of hard work to learn the anatomy and physiology of the human body and what is most effective for living a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t already, check out the Online Coaching sections for a few updates I made to the page.

For today’s post, I bring you some information on weight training versus cardio. A few of people have been asking me about this topic as well as myself thinking what is most effective. I like to experiment with different workouts and I beleive this post will cover my views on both!

The truth to that answer?

It depends. Cardio is a great place to start for weight loss. It kick starts your metabolism and gets your heart rate up. For your cardio, you want to try to do the first 10-15 minutes as HIIT; high intensity interval training mode and then follow that with 15-30 more minutes of low intensity cardio. Since our bodies cannot sustain such high intensities during a cardio session, that’s weight weight training comes in. With weight training, the heart rate is able to stay up longer and you are building muscle for your body. More muscle means less fat.

Think  of it this way; for every pound of muscle you have, you burn an additional 50 calories a day. If you have 10lbs of muscles (which is ideal to gain), you will be burning 3,500 calories per week aka one pound of fat. This means that at rest, your body will continue to burn fat versus if you just this cardio, the after burn doesn’t last that long.

Some great exercises to include in your weight training routine are the following; shoulder press, squat, dead-lift, dips, chin-ups, bench press, curls and lunges. Why?

Well these are what they call “multiple body part” exercises; meaning they will target more then one body part, causing more muscles to be worked on and built. They now include more of these exercises and like I mentioned in my previous post, while eating “maintain weight calories” I dropped a pant size in about a month.

Imagine what you can do when you are giving it 110% and trying to achieve your health goals? With my knowledge as a newly certified personal trainer through AAAI/ISMA, I have revamped the previous workout plan (as well as the online coaching plan). My workout plan includes four different body part days plus cardio.

Your cardio can be done right before your weight training routine or first thing in the morning. Ideally, I would say do your cardio first in the a.m, that way you can kick start your metabolism and getting it foing for the whole day.

Question: Hope y’all enjoyed my first fitness type post! What’s your take on cardio versus weight training?


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