The Truth?

Truth is… I am by no means, what so ever, 100% perfect. I thought that going back to Massachusetts this time around would be better for me. Turns out, it really was not. Sure I was able to finish my classes and get my Personal Training certification, which are awesome accomplishments. But truth is, I have been too well and don’t really have the capacity to take care of myself… at the moment.

I have been trying to work full-time to get insurance so I can go to the doctor’s there but it has been a drawn out and difficult process. At least for me anyway. I was having a lot of problems with my living situation and now that it’s finally over, I can breathe and feel relaxed about things, knowing that I am not there. Note to self: never go on Craigslist for ANYTHING ever again.

So I am going to just be in Massachusetts for a few and then head back on over to New York. I don’t have anything figured to be honest out as ya’ll know. But I think that’s the point of your 20’s. To figure things out and to make the same mistakes. At least I have my career path going in the right direction, right?

On September 1st, I went to another concert at Empire City Casino… GAVIN DEGRAW! Oh my gawsh. My life is seriously complete. I clearly was too excited by the blurry pictures.Or maybe it was because I was sipping on a little Apple Ale? His show was amazing and I loved that he went through the crowd. Secretly I was having a love affair back in the day with him and Howie Day. I still love Howie Day, but Gavin has stolen my heart for good! Funny thing is that during the concert, he spoke about relationships.My favorite thing that he said was the beginning of a relationship is called the “LIE TO ME” phase; if a person tells you “I am going to do more for you then your last partner,” that is your cue to exit. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve heard so much bulls#@t from guys, it’s not even funny. But the concert was great and I had an awesome time with my mom. I even got me a shirt. Normally, I don’t buy things from concerts, but I really wanted it! #Groupie much?I am off to Massachusetts for a bit and then we shall see from there. I will always be a #TravelingGnome, but I will never take anything that comes my way for granted.

Question: Hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend! What did YOU do?


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