WIAW #65: Renaissance Faire Style!

Happy Wednesday my lovely friends!

For this What I Ate Wednesday is going to show you some random eats from the Renaissance Faire. I went to this past weekend as well as some fun pictures. If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the details!

I’ve never been to the “Tuxedo” area of New York but it was really pretty!At first I didn’t know where we were going. It was a surprise from my parents. They wouldn’t tell me! I get annoyed since I am the worst with surprises… sometimes. But none-the-less I was excited when I found out!Some funny photo shoots with the parents. We did a lot of walking, as per fair usual.It isn’t a fair without some turkey legs involved.There was a lot of cute little shop renaissance gear (like swords and clothing) and such.I ended up getting some incense (like green tea!) and a goat’s milk soap. Mmmm. There was even a gentlemen challenging people to a game of  chess. My brother is quite the chess champion and won!I ate a chicken flatbread with cheese and lettuce. Can we say over-cheesed? My mom would though disagree with that statement. She loves cheese and thinks there can never be to much cheese. Ever…For “dessert,” my dad an I shared some vanilla ice cream. Simple and sweet.Question: Ever been to a renaissance faire? I would totally love to go back and dress up. One is never too old to play dress up.


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