Things That Make Me Smile

Today is Thursday.

Which means tomorrow is actually Friday for me since I now get the weekends off. Here a few things from this week that have made me smile. Like having my friend (who I am staying with) make me breakfast, even though I told her not too. She’s so sweet!Or having someone buy your breakfast before you head back on a four hour drive.Maybe even just making a batch of your favorite pancakes with copious amounts of chia seeds and maple syrup?Or actually going more then 20 minutes on a cardio machine? It’s been months for me!Enjoying organic yogurt goodness post workout with chia, cranberries, pb, raw protein powder, and a splash of soymilk.Having a cuddle buddy after a long day of work.My friend’s pup… he’s so cute!And of course… lots o’ truffles!Question: What has been making you smile these days? I know everyone is getting back on the school and work grind, but there is always something to be smiling about 🙂


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