The Pumpkin Fiend

Happy Sunday!

Today I get to work a bit later which is nice. I am just here relaxing working on some things before classes start tomorrow. I am pretty nervous, but I am super excited to get the semester started.I’ve still been starting my day with protein pancakes. I have to post the recipe because it’s different from all my other ones. Soon, my friends, soon.Yesterday I went to my first real hot yoga class. It was 95 degrees. I was impressed by the fact that my body doesn’t sweat like most people. But it was intense and I am feeling it in my thighs and shoulders today!This week I have found a ton of pumpkin goodies. I am so glad fall is upon us. Can’t wait to start wearing my boats and jackets and sip on things like a pumpkin spice latte. This one is from Seven Eleven and it was really good. A bit too sugary, so I diluted it with some decaf.Also, Godiva has their pumpkin spice truffles!Lastly, Olive Garden. I ate this before but oh man, I had to have it again when I went to dinner with a friend. I talked him into trying it and he loved it! Seriously it’s probably one of the top three pumpkin goodies of the season.Question: Are you a pumpkin fiend too? What’s your favorite pumpkin goodies? Another one of mines is maple pumpkin butter. Holy cow, it’s literally foodgasmic 😉


18 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Fiend

  1. I do love pumpkin. So, so much. Sometimes…okay, like every night from September until January…I just microwave pumpkin, dump in some cinnamon, and eat it for dessert. So good.

    I’ve never tried hot yoga. I thought I wanted to until this summer, when I did yoga in my non-air-conditioned house and thought I would die. 🙂

  2. The weather got pretty cool here in Toronto and I was super excited about consuming all things pumpkin! Then we just got hit by a heat wave and I feel weird about eating it!!! Soon though, soon! Although I do have a pretty epic pumpkin donut recipe prepped for the blog tomorrow 🙂

    Can’t wait for the pancake recipe!

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