‘Round and Around We Go

If I were to look at my life, I’d say the following; crazy, sporadic, unpredictable, disastrous, adventurous, amazing and free spirited.My life can get pretty hectic and I never know sometimes where I am going, location wise. But I do know that I appreciate the little things people do for me in my life. Sometimes it takes something bad for something good too happen. It’s unfortunate but it’s our struggles that make us a stronger person.For me, my personality has changed drastically. People from my past see me as “arrogant and rude.” The new people in my life see me as “confident and strong.” They admire the fact that everything I’ve been through, I still manage to stay strong with a smile.One of my friends, Amy (aka my “big sis’) and her mom have been totally amazing to me in Massachusetts. But, I am going to be in New York for a bit to focus on this semester of grad school. It’s intense because it is a lot of clinical Nutrition. I need to be focused.She threw me a little “goodbye for now” shindig, which was really awesome. It was good to be with friends who care and are supportive. You know who your real friends are when the going gets rough. Those who turn their backs, just weren’t really there to begin with. One of my other friends took me to my favorite spot, Burton’s Grill and I had a spinach and artichoke risotto with chicken and goat cheese. It was quite delicious. I wanted to change it up from the usual gluten-free pizza.You know no trip to or from New York in complete without coffee. I got me some pumpkin spice coffee. Mmmm.The leaves are changing and fall is upon us. The little things are what make up my bliss.Question: How was your weekend? What’s been going on in your world? I know it’s been a good minute since I last posted WIAW, but I am still here, don’t worry! Just getting caught up in this thing called life.


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