Birthday & Tidbits

Today is September 22nd and it’s another 22’bs birthday; my little brother Chris! My, my have we changed over the last five years. In this photo I was about 220lbs and much taller then you. Now you are taller, stronger and turned into a handsome young lad. Love you!Now you’re going to be able to meet the ladies at the bar. But be careful, women are insane I know. Just looking out for you baby bro!
Speaking of changes, I haven’t done a body shot in a while, so here is one for ya. My arms and things are slimming down and I couldn’t be happier. Now, to work on those abs! Many of you may know, but I had extra skin post-weight loss (especially on abs) so it’s be a battle toning up. But with knew knowledge as a personal trainer and health coach, it’s been amazing to see the changes.

Studying has taking up most of my time.

I haven’t worked out as much as I’d like (5-6 days). But I am making the most of the 4-5 that I do go and kick it up 20 notches. Bodies in motion baby! I’m dedicating Sunday’s as school free day from now on.I’ve also become a mismatcher on purpose. I don’t know about you, but I love to put different patterns together. Even if it makes no sense.

Froyo enjoyment never changes; cheesecake froyo with caramel, espresso bits, almonds, kiwi and cheesecake pieces. Oh yes.Alright, I am off to Zumba, courtesy of Excel Yoga and then just lounging! I need a veg day and you know there will be food pics on this WIAW. But until then, enjoy your Sunday!


7 thoughts on “Birthday & Tidbits

  1. You look so good!! I feel your pain on the loose skin on the abs after weight loss though, it does get better the longer that passes after weight loss but I think there will always be a little bit that hangs around (or at least for me it did).

    Yum to your cheesecake froyo mixture, love it 🙂

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