Yard House Fun

Happy Monday Evening Everyone!

Today it’s back to reality time. Though I must say today was quite productive; groceries, car wash, oil change, reading and a sweat sessh! Here are a few things I bought and you bet there will be a review on things I haven’t tried before like the Vega and GNU bar.But not before having fun this weekend; Zumba, drinking a new energy drink and having a delicious latte/ espresso with my mom . Yes, we mixed our coffees together. Let’s recap a bit of my brother’s birthday, shall we? It’s been over a year since I’ve been to the Yard House. I was going to go for my birthday this year, but I opted for Brazilian. My brother wanted to go because, why not? He turned 21 after all and they have a TON of beer. Pear cider, anyone?For food, he had Mac and Cheese^2. I opted for the avocado swiss burger, sans the bun with some fries.He even got a free dessert! Mini chocolate souffle, mmm.So pretty at night.It’s crazy that my brother is 21. It feels like yesterday I was changing his diapers and coloring with him in Disney books. My, how time flies. Love you Bob! (His real name is Chris, by the way… long story lol).Question: How was your weekend? Do anything productive or fun? Have any younger siblings that seem to be growing to fast on you too?


4 thoughts on “Yard House Fun

  1. My weekend lasted forever (which is always a good thing 🙂 ) We celebrated Marty’s birthday, our friends birthday and I had a baby shower to go to! Busy busy! Happy birthday to your little bro by the way! It is strange to see your younger siblings get older 🙂

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