WIAW #68: Greens Anyone?

Happy WIAW y’all!

Okay, so I clearly couldn’t come up with a more clever title but for today I have a review! I also have a lot of yummy foods and snacks to share with you. Obviously they seem to all have almonds. I think I have a problem, seriously. Any who, for more info on WIAW, head on over to Peas and Crayons!For the review, I will be sharing some Greens with you from It Works. Kendal from It Works contacted me about trying out some Greens and I couldn’t pass it up. These Greens help give you an energy boost, detoxify your system, contain herbs and have 8+ servings of fruits and veggies in them (is not GF though!). That was definitely the kicker for me to try em’.

I had it for a few mornings on am empty stomach mixed with water and a splash of peach juice. I was afraid to try it by the dark green color but I assure you, it just tasted like berry juice with a hint of peach. It was delicious! I found that for the new few days, I was more focused and alert, which obviously showed a boost in energy. I would totally recommend this product, especially to give your body a nutritional boost! Because, let’s be real, you can’t always get your daily servings of fruits and veggies all the time. I know I can’t.

I am going to be looking into their Vita Core supplements, since I have been looking for a good one too take. I also found that I was making more healthy choices throughout the day and wasn’t craving as much carbs as I normally do.Even at snack time, I wasn’t always craving some chocolate.Mostly fruit, some fat and with a truckload hint of almonds.Lunches and dinners looked like this; grilled chicken with greens and pita chips.Or a little bit of chicken with a whole grain rice pilaf and plantains.Question: Do you use any supplements in your daily diet? I would totally recommend you checking out Kendal’s It Works page and looking at the Greens and other amazing products that they have to offer such as body wraps, vitamins and minerals and even dark chocolate raspberry energy bars!


4 thoughts on “WIAW #68: Greens Anyone?

  1. Protein if I feel the need for it, vitamins and calcium. I never have a problem with getting enough veggie and fruit in my system. Protein is the thing I am not good at!

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