*Cue #TravelingGnome*

Hello my lovely friends. You well never guess where I am? *Cue Sarcasm*Yes I am in Massachusetts. The traveling gnome strikes again. I think I’ll just post things and you’ll just have to guess where I am. Like next week I am going somewhere pretty cool, it’s not a new state but I am excited.On Thursday, I went to visit my friend in Gloucester and we enjoyed town and ate some yummy food at Latitude 43.So what happened? I got a couple of jobs offers in Massachusetts and decided to go for it. One of them is an overnight position, which is great to do school related things in the morning that I normally could not attend.*Cue return of the #coffeeaddict*Y’all should know by now I am seriously spontaneous when it comes to things. But no matter what I manage to get my school work done.And still find time to enjoy fire pits with friends.Question: Plans for this lovely weekend? Any craziness going on in your life? Other 20-something year olds going through this thing called life?


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