WIAW #69: Never To Early

Happy [EARLY] WIAW brought to you courtesy of Peas and Crayons! This week it’s all about random eats. Getting use to doing some overnights, school and work… it has been a whirlwind. Not to mention still finding time to go to the gym and hang out with friends.Breakfasts have been a bit off since I do work some overnights.

Usually I have “breakfast” at 4:00am and it’s usually a bowl of oats (mixed with 1/2 of this delicious GNU bar!) or a pre-made protein pancake.

Clearly, this pancake was having some issues “keeping it together.”Snacks or post-workout yums have been apples, grapes, nuts/ nut butter and sometimes cheese! My friend went apple picking and we have a multi-tude of apples that are in need of eating. No complaining there!For lunches or dinner there has been lots o’ chicken and salads involved.Only antibiotic and hormone free for this chick!For “dessert” I have been enjoying “truffles” of course.Question: What’s got you busy this week? School, work, kids maybe?! After the 14th of October I can relax a little more. Mid-terms, projects and presentations are coming up. Be prepared for a Sabrina hiatus 😦


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