It’s About That Time

Monday, Monday.

This week went by pretty fast, I must say. It seems like between work, school and more work, life is just keeping me busy. I am not complaining at all but I am noticing some changes in my daily life. It’s about that time I talk to you about them;1. I wake up later: There are days that I work overnight and I sleep right after, waking up at one or two in the afternoon. It feels odd but I know my body needs the rest and I am not one of those people who is a “loser” for sleeping til noon. #Ihaveissuesasyoucantell.

2. I don’t think about, take pictures or talk much about food: I realized I haven’t been posting much about food on the blog or Instagram; more about nature and my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love food, but I feel that for the first time since 2009 (when I started YouTube) it isn’t “consuming” my life, I feel. It’s a totally new feeling and I am just enjoying eating a more whole foods based “diet” and living life.

3. From sweet to savory: I find myself not craving sweets so much anymore. I am going more for savory or “neutral” things plain nuts and nut butters. It’s different to not crave a protein pancake with maple when I awake, but rather one with a little bit of Earth Balance, seeds and nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I still like my occasional truffles.4. I have more guy friends: I find myself having gym dates with buddies of mine and I must say I am loving every minute. Surrounding myself with people who take their health seriously and enjoy life. Not to mention bringing me some goodies at 2:00am at work. XO!
Life just seems to be coming together slowly, but then falling apart all at once. For now, I am enjoying life one day at a time, just taking a simple approach; with food, exercise, school, work and family/ friends. Life isn’t about perfection, it’s all about progress.Question: How was your weekend? I know I always come back to this, but for you 20-something year olds out there (or soon to be) how do you feel about your life? Is it a never ending roller coaster like mine or are you slowly (but surely) getting it together?!


2 thoughts on “It’s About That Time

  1. You look so gorgeous and content in all of your photos! I can really tell that you’re feeling balanced.

    I’m 25 (and a half, ha!) and I definitely understand what you mean about “getting it together.” The funny thing is that, by many accounts, I actually AM together. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I had a great husband, great job, health care, retirement savings, grad school, etc. But I was still frequently wracked with self-doubts and often wondered if I was doing things “right.”

    Journaling and writing both help a lot! Sometimes just getting your thoughts written can give you a lot of clarity. Just know that we are all trying to figure it out, too 🙂

    • Thanks Alex! This means a lot to me! I totally feel the same way that sometimes things seem to go well but your not sure if it is the right thing. It is nice to hear from others and their experience. Though I know I am not alone, it is still nice to hear it once in a while. We are just trying to figure out life! One day at a time right? 🙂

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