The Green Mountain State

Guess where I was this weekend? Oh yes you guess it, Vermont!

This has been another crazy week for me and I promised myself that I would visit Vermont soon and here I am. Tell me this is a beautiful sight?Enjoying some Green Mountain Coffee.Veteran’s Memorial at Vermont Visitor Center.My alma mater.  Some chocolate sweets and pure Vermont Maple syrup from Lake Champlain Chocolates. Checking out a little Lake Champlain. Bliss ❤ Church Street at night; so pretty!Don’t worry y’all, I haven’t forgotten ’bout the giveaway! I will be announcing this winner tomorrow. Have a good week!


8 thoughts on “The Green Mountain State

  1. Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Ross becomes addicted to maple candies while he and Chandler are traveling through Vermont? If not, it is worth watching 🙂 Vermont is just so beautiful! I hope to get there someday!!

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