Family Bonding

My father and brother came to visit me to check on me since I had been in the ER the last week. It was my kidneys again, similar to what happened earlier this year. It is safe to say that I am feeling 99.9% better! Sometimes I wake up sore, but other then that, I am a healthy clam. I feel this time around recovery was better due to taking my greens and Vital-Core from ItWorks (got more stuff to try!). Last time it took me about two weeks to recover and this time…super quick!Any who, my dad so nicely bought me some groceries… Mmmm!This thinkThin fiber bar is probably my favorite flavor yet!Can’t forget some Greek yogurt for that extra protein.After spending the night in MA and getting some breakfast at the hotels and some errands, the next afternoon we went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch.I hadn’t been there since college. We also enjoyed some dessert; carrot cake cake pops and cheesecake with raspberry sauce!Question: How’s your weekend going? What was your favorite restaurant in college?! I’m still a bit on a hiatus, but you bet I’ll pop in randomly for sure!


8 thoughts on “Family Bonding

  1. Aww!! So glad you got to see your family and are feeling a lot better!! Also, looks like you got some great groceries! That was so sweet of your dad!! I haven’t tried Think Thin bars yet … but they sound tasty 🙂

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