“Keeping Healthy til 2014” Challenge/ Giveaway

I know I haven’t been over eating…

For once I am doing the opposite; not eating enough all day and over eating at dinner. It feels like I am binge eating again but no emotion is attached to it, I just haven’t felt hungry during the day. Granted I still go to the gym at least three or four times a week but still, it’s not the same as before when I was attempting some body building.

So in truth, I have gained about 11lbs from where I really like to be. I am about 162-164 and I feel good being in the low 150’s. For me once I gain about 6-7lbs, my clothes start to feel a little tight. Ok what’s the deal?

There is about 6 weeks until Christmas and you know what that means? Time to get back on track y’all! As long as I can get back to 150’s, I’ll be A-okay with that. One think I know that I’ll have difficulty with is portions! Normally I eat a giant breakfast then a giant dinner (and maybe a few random things in between). I’ll eat about ¾ cup of oats and other goodness in it. I am going to have to reduce that portion and I know that I am going to feel a bit hungry but I am going to have to fight it.

Di (@ Life of Di) was telling me that she seems to be going through the same thing. It’s tough and by no means easy. I haven’t really had an issue with weight since mid-2011 where I gained 15lbs in Florida. I think I did a good job since then; only gained about 10 (not including the “on purpose 15lbs) in the last two years. I can do it and I will do it.

Sometimes life just happens but the difference is recognizing that you need to make changes and get back to your goals and lifestyle. Let’s give you the quick stats, shall we?

11/13/13: 164lbs

12/25/13: Goal about 156lbs

1/1/14: To be under 155lbs!

I have about 6-7 weeks to get under 155lbs; who’s with me? I am going to be doing a “Keeping Healthy til 2014” challenge! Whatever your goals may be; whether weight loss, keeping on track, working out at least 3 times week… I want you to stay accountable! If you need a little assistance… please feel free to join the Keeping Healthy Handy Lifestyle Plan & coaching program, it’s normally $39.99, but for the holidays… it’s ONLY going to be $18.99 (most then 50% off, and why not give it as a gift too?)

All you have to do is the following; leave a comment to this post and then every Saturday (starting next week) I will do a post updating about myself in the challenge and you can post your update for the week then too.

How to qualify? Must comment to THIS POST on your “how you will stay on track for the holiday” goals and THE FINAL update post before the New Year!  The prize?! Well, that is going to be a Christmas secret, but it’s going to be goooooooood and will include a free copy of my health PLAN! Entries must be submitted by November 30th!

Stay tuned and good luck!


9 thoughts on ““Keeping Healthy til 2014” Challenge/ Giveaway

  1. ciao bella! I have definitely been overeating and not paying attention to stopping when I’m full. My goal is to drink more water, cut out one of my frivolous snack session if I’m not hungry, and lose theses extra four pounds I’ve been lugging around since the beginning of the year!! good luck! -Adrienne

  2. I’m staying on track by simply following my current healthy lifestyle. That is training consistently, eating well. I will allow myself a treat on xmas day but will still be watching my portions.

  3. I’m trying to continue practicing mindfulness like I have learned through my yoga practice and that helps me to stay on track with my health goals. I will continue my vegan diet and my daily yoga practice but I will also happily treat myself here and there during the holiday season while still watching portions

    • Yay!!! That is awesome. I didn’t know you were still following the vegan diet and clearly you have the balance down since you look a-mazing 🙂 I’ve been trying to do more yoga myself! Managed to do twice a week, I was doing none for about two months!

  4. I have been trying to maintain during the week and indulge on the weekend. Like I’ve told you before, I have definitely gained a bit of weight but I’m really trying to get my mind right about the weight gain and not obsess about a ‘perfect’ body. I have proven to myself that I can lose weight (as I have in the past) so I am going to start fresh in January (and, despite the cliche of a ‘fresh’ start, I’m actually quite dedicated come the new year.) The new year mentality really does resonate with me and just sticks. Come October though, I allow myself to indulge in the fun seasonal foods I wouldn’t eat the rest of the year. Does this sound crazy?

    • No no no! Doesn’t at all! I totally agree on you here. I was like that for a certain point myself so I totally get it! But now that I am truly by myself; no bf, live alone, know no one really… I have been able to focus on myself! You have to do what you feel is best :))

  5. Wow our goals and situation are pretty similar. I like ideally to be at 150 or below, but was happy at 154 which I was until really recently. Now I’ve gained several more pounds over that and really am not sure why. I’ve been resting my knees recently by not jumping when I’m skating and by limiting my practice time, maybe that’s it. My clothes still fit fine, in fact I’m not sure where that extra weight is. But I think my knees will be happier with me if I’m at a lower weight since I’m going to be jumping and that puts a lot of stress on them.

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