WIAW #77: Current Eats!

Happy, happy early WIAW! I am posting it early because… I have a feeling I will not have time Wednesday. Better to be safe then sorry, don’tcha think?For this WIAW, I am going to be updating you on my eats. If you are new to the WIAW party, head on over to Peas and Crayons for the details. Let’s get right into it, shall we? Currently, I eat all vegetarian until dinner time. There will be a rare occasion, I will have meat for lunch but this has been my trend. As from before, you guys know I prefer eating a vegetarian diet since it is better for my digestive system. And it has been thanking me! A typical day will look like this; Pre-Breakfast: Small piece o’ fruit (usually a pear or apple)

Breakfasts have been protein pancakes or 1/3 cup oats with soymilk, some nut butter, cranberries (or figs) and almonds. Lunches (or two snacks!) have consisted of a Greek Yogurt, a KIND Bar, 1 Tbsp nut butter, trail mix and Babybel cheese. …. This evolution bar I snagged at Starbucks is amazing! Pre-Dinner? Cup of coffee w/ splash of soymilk or small apple. Dinners have been a little bit of chicken with steamed veggies (green beans or broccoli) and a starch (brown rice or roasted red potatoes). Okay maybe a lot of. Desserts? I made some of my own version of Elise’s chocolate and caramel “turtles” but I used vegan protein powder, chia, flax, trail mix, cranberries, almonds and dark chocolate. Not as pretty but still so yum! 

This is what it has been for the past couple of weeks. Of course there are variations but so far this has been good for me, especially eating fruit on an empty stomach. I have noticed a huge difference with that in terms of bloating, gas and digestion.

I am no longer eating many traces of my allergens, which has been a much “smarter idea (duh).” With the exception of sometimes a slice of multi-grain french toast, a smidge of natural peanut butter mixed into almond butter or a couple of sugar-free dark chocolate pecan crowns (aka has a corn derivative).

Another thing is, I don’t tell people about my allergens anymore. I honestly found that it was very stressful and while it can be a dangerous thing, I have found life less complicated that way. I just emphasize my fish/ shellfish allergy since that one is more dangerous. For example, at work it was someone’s birthday and we all got a cupcake. Instead of saying no I am allergic, I just said thanks, I’ll eat it after lunch and saved it for a friend.

And if I go out to eat, I can usually put something together to make it allergen-friendly. I have never felt so “normal” since having be diagnosed with all these allergens and I almost feel liberated, which is fantastic!

Question: What are you current food staples? Do you follow any particular “diet.” Lately I have been getting away from following any specific diet. I know have been in the past but honestly, I am just finding balance and what works for me; tis the best thing I think 🙂


8 thoughts on “WIAW #77: Current Eats!

  1. I have been following a vegetarian diet on and off for the last two years. I still haven’t eaten beef since January 2012 but I did have an ounce or two of organic pork last weekend and, more recently, will have chicken once every couple of weeks. I go back and fourth on whether or not I want to give it up all together. I definitely would prefer to but it just doesn’t seem as convienient sometimes!

  2. So healthy! I’m all about those fall carbs. Brown rice, sweet potatoes and squash don’t stand a chance in this house- they are just too good! And you look radiantly gorgeous as ever 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving girl!

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