Keeping Healthy Update #3: Hashtag Style!

It’s week three into the challenge for me!

And I have a bodshot comparison for you guys. I won’t show anymore until the challenge is done, meaning around the last week of December for me. But first how about some breakfast? I changed up my usual protein pancake and added flax seeds instead of the chia or hemp. #FuelYourBody#Bodshot time; week three versus week one!I am so happy at how flat my tummy is getting. If you notice, I do have a pocket of extra skin above my belly button. It’s just something that isn’t going to go away and I am 100% okay with it. As long as I am healthy, feeling good and fit, that is all that matters. #GymLifeHere is a little sample of one of my workout days. Lately I also have been doing more yoga; at least three times a week, one being a hot power #yoga sesh. I am going to be changing it up this week but this was one of my lower body and abs sessions. I started out with a good weight I could handle, then went to a weight I could barely do reps, then dropped it to a super low weight. It’s pyramid/ drop set training. #NoPainNoGainIf you want to know more about that please let me know because it will be in the coaching plan for next year! And oh, don’t forget to enter the #giveaway; last day is tomorrow! If you want additional entries, follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook and let me know in a comment below (and if you already do, post it below too!). You can do this whenever and doesn’t apply to the entry deadline. If you haven’t “officially” entered, you must do so by posting a comment to this post by clicking here!

And one lucky person from the Bronx (#NYC area) will win a free week pass to Excel Yoga (so if you are in one of those areas, comment below! You have til the 24th and I will pick the winner!)

Question: How was everyone’s weekend? Can you believe it’s almost the middle of December already? #TimeFlies


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