WIAW #80: Never Fails!

I don’t know what it is;

But the past couple of days, weeks, whatever, I have been on a coffee overload. No idea why, but it never fails me!

For this WIAW, I bring to you some yummy eats while sticking to my Keeping Healthy Challenge til 2014. Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to the WIAW party. Enjoy!wiawphotobuttonI usually have fruit and nuts for breakfast now. But on occasion, I will have my favorite protein pancake. It seriously never fails.Snacks also may consist of fruit, but I sometimes I have cheese, dried fruit and nuts (and maybe a smidge of le nut butter). Never fails to be delish!Or maybe some Greek yogurt with a mess of goodness?What about the typical protein and veggie combo? #Neverfails.Or even not having time to cook and still grabbing protein and veggies on the go?And the biggest thing that never fails? Coffee… buzz, buzz 🙂Question: What’s a food/ thing that never fails you? I would have to say almonds and coffee are at my top!


10 thoughts on “WIAW #80: Never Fails!

  1. I would definitely say that in terms of food for breakfast, oatmeal never fails me. For snack, carrots and a laughing cow cheese wedge or an apple usually will do the trick.

    …and coffee…obviously 🙂

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