Update #4: Kinda Lost It?! Vent Time!

I didn’t lose motivation for my challenge! This week I have been bloated beyond belief and I hate it. So I have been doing a smidge more cardio. I hate cardio with a passion; never thought I would say that!At least I have coffee to keep me sane.My sleep has also been way off, which could result in my issues. But since it’s been off, I have been to more yoga classes. Don’t let this pretty, happy face fool ya!
I only get a happy face when I get coffee from here.I also have been lifiting more and I noticed my upper body is expanding and toning up. I absolutely love it. I just don’t love the fact that my arms don’t fit well in my damn coat.Yeah, I know they are there... a little much. I need a new sports bra, asap! And I need a new breakfast idea because I am in such a run with my pear, figs and nuts!Okay, I am done venting. Time to go lift and release my frustration! #$@$#%@#$%!!!

Question: Ever get those frustrated moments where ya just want to punch someone?

*Note: No one was harmed or punched this week by Sabrina… perhaps next week a victim will arise.*


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