Let Me Begin By…

…Apologizing for my crazy venting rant from the other day.

I think we all have those moments of frustration. Especially this time of year. The holidays coming and before that it’s finals and getting work projects/ quota completed. I am happy that that time is almost over. I feel much better tonight.  Plenty of yoga has helped as well. I have one more day of work then I have a little vacation until Sunday.

That’s when my brother comes with me and I am really excited. Maybe the espresso has to do with some of that excitement? Kidding, love you Matt!Oh speaking of exiting things… I tried kombucha for the first time the other day. It wasn’t bad at all and it actually tasted like raspberry beer. I think next time I’ll try it without the chia seeds; strange texture.

And speaking of “strange” things, I had eggs for the first time in a while for breakfast with a banana. The change from the pear, dried fruit and nuts was heartbreaking… but I’m over it.I’ve been trying my Greek yogurt with chia, flax, nut butter and 1/2 of a Kind bar mixed in. It is quite delicious and a great snack post workout or late night when I work.I’m back on my dark chocolate grind. Can’t resist me some Ghirardelli.Question: What are you doing for the holidays? 

Alright time to get back to work! 


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