Holidays at the NYBG

Happy Holidays once more my friends!

I am actually heading back to MA today. It’s bittersweet to go back but my parents are going to be visiting me for New Year’s Eve, which should be fun. I do have to work when the clock strikes twelve, but that is okay with me.I had a mini vacation and got Christmas off (which I was suppose to work). Oh by the way, check out my snazzy coat from my mom. I am in love with it! Thanks mom Xo! I am grateful for all things right now in my life and for my family. As you can see from the nature and train, my mom and I went to the New York Botanical Garden (again) and enjoyed the #trainshow!Above in JFK airport, Belvedere Castle in Central Park!Some buildings of New York City.One of my favorite places in New York; Pelham Bay Manor!And most people know Macy’s downtown in New York City.Time to go to some yoga and then head on the road. I am sure I will be exhausted later tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their last weekend before the New Year!


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