Update #5: Sometimes, You Can’t Have It All

Sometimes you can’t have it all…

I am stronger, leaner and healthy. But I am no where near my “goal” weight. But I am near my goal “body (as in my clothes fit the way I desire).” How do you say? Well I wanted to look the way I did in certain clothes at around 155lbs. But I realized that even though I haven’t moved much and my weight has been fluctuating between 159-161lbs, my clothes fit better and look as if I was 5lbs less. I know… it’s the inches. I probably should have measured them right? But I honestly am very bad at keeping track of inches, so it’s something I don’t do. But what I am doing is eating very well for once.And practicing moderation.And keeping up with my coffee addition; caramel latte from #DD.And an espresso… Definitely keeping up; skinny cinnamon dolce latte.I’m craving some yoga, so I may go later. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Question: Where all my coffee addicts at? Starbucks or DD?!


4 thoughts on “Update #5: Sometimes, You Can’t Have It All

  1. I’m not a coffee addict, but I still absolutely love Starbucks mochas, decaf because I’ve never had caffeinated coffee and am not sure how my body would react lol. I’ve never tried DD, but perhaps I will someday if and when I need a daily cup of coffee 😉

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