I don’t think hashtags ever get old.

At least for me anyway. I find them to be funny, though my brother hates them. Hastag #CantStopWontStop. Coffee never gets old, clearly. Mostly in latte form.I tried out the Starbucks new vanilla latte packets (also came in cafe mocha). It was pretty good, but tasted more like a vanilla hot chocolate. I also got a new planner finally as I am representing my brother’s school.You know I never get bored of my protein pancakes. Though you can be happy that I made these overnight oats sans the crunch factor plus lots o’ flax. So #delicious.Chocolate never gets old; I found this new “awake” chocolate that has caffeine. I didn’t realize how hyper I would get so  I went to the gym and pumped it out. New pre-workout?!Of course, I got other groceries. Not just chocolate.Tell me those grapes don’t look fabulous? Any who, I am off to gym, relax and then hot power yoga. It’s such an ugly day but its 56 degrees, so I suppose I shall enjoy it. Happy Saturday/ Weekend!


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