Can We Say Awesome Week?

This week was one of the best weeks so far in 2o14.

Okay to be fair it’s only been about three. But the teens of January were pretty crumby for me, being sick and all. But now I am back. I have been restarting my training schedule and I feel amazing!

I am learning that I can’t go crazy and workout for days straight or do yoga 24/7. I have to listen to my body, learn my limits and not over-train. Baby steps. 

I got a free coffee from Starbucks this week in my inbox, which was pure heaven.I also did some studies on maple syrup processing for class while having one of the Evolution harvest bars. Brain fuel baby.My brother also made a delicious London broil with veggies and mash.And I enjoyed this thing for dessert. I froze it and oh man, so good!And how could I forget this Mediterranean pizza from Uno’s! I had it minus the olives and feta, plus mozzarella. I guess that makes it non-Mediterranean and Sabrina style?And my new favorite Greek yogurt from Brown Cow?! Oh so good.And homemade decaf mocha’s for night time studying. #Bliss.Question: How is 2014 going for you so far? How was your week? How is your weekend going?! Clearly I am too hyper. I will stop I promise. #SorryImNotSorry 🙂


6 thoughts on “Can We Say Awesome Week?

  1. 2014 isn’t going very well. I haven’t been sticking with my healthy eating routine (too many peanut butter binges) and I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like to. I’m still trying to workout at least 5x/week but I was really hoping to be active for all 7 days. I’m also a bit stressed with my future career. Not quite sure what I’ll be doing in the fall once I’m finished nannying and it can be quite overwhelming to think about it! Hoping I can get it in gear in February. 🙂

    • Oh nooo Di!!! I’m sorry!!! It it makes you feel better the teens of January sucked butttt for me! But I just had to turn it around and I am sure February will start off with a bang for you 🙂 If you ever need someone to chat with, you know where to find me :))

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