Confession: My Training and Some Truth

Happy Monday y’all!

Let’s get down to business shall we? Many of you follow my Instagram or Facebook page or even my personal Facebook. I am sure you are probably wondering “what is this “training” you speak of? No it’s not a batch of revamped protein pancakes.Well today is day seven of training and let me explain; bodybuilding training. Now I am not talking about crazy bikini competition body building training because well y’all know I love my chocolate, Starbucks and specialty lattes way too much. But I have decided to find my own middle ground and I am further developing MY personal health and fitness plan.Little by little, I am putting a plan together for healthy body building. For those that have my plan, you know I am all about balance and moderation. I don’t like extreme diets or workouts. I like a plan that is fun, effect and suitable for all.Because after all, whatever you did to LOSE the weight, is what you will have to do to keep it off! You don’t want to do some crazy insanity type stuff everyday forever, do you? If you do, that’s cool too!

If you are looking for a new fitness routine or tips/ meal plans to tweak your current diet, I totally urge you to check out my coaching program here. It’s only $39.99 and for two months you get unlimited access to yours truly, a fitness plan, eating plan as well as tips and tricks throughout the two months. Every person who has the plan, will always get the updated fitness plan in their inbox!

So I need to have some form of goal at the end of all this?! Well to be honest, I haven’t been truthful with y’all. Let’s just say long story short I did choose to gain weight for myself (10lbs) but also I gained weight for a boy. Yes, a boy who said I was too skinny in the 130’s and he said he’d like it better if I had more meat. I was already gaining back 5-10lbs for health reason so I thought why not 5-10lbs more?!

After getting out of that relationship and being truly single for almost a year now, I realized that I wasn’t myself. The real Sabrina knows how to be focused, balance treats, workout 5-6 times a week, cook, bake and listen to Nine Inch Nails. The real Sabrina, I realized hadn’t been around for almost five years and that surprised me. I can’t believe (though I was sick a couple weeks ago) how much more happy and vibrant I am.

People even comment on it; just something I never took the time to realized. Okay, what am I training for besides personal goals and my fitness plan development? Certification.

Summer is that time again where I have to renew my certification but I am thinking of either going one of two routes; level two person training (there are 3 levels and a Master personal trainer certification) or YOGA INSTRUCTOR.

Yes you heard well. I just honestly haven’t decided and who knows I may do neither and go into something else. What do y’all think?! What do YOU see me as?

Have a great week everyone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Confession: My Training and Some Truth

  1. This is great Sabrina. I think it’s wonderful that you are working towards a plan for YOU. Like I’ve said in other comments, I’m trying to get back to a healthier place too. I can’t stop binging on peanut butter. I’m not sure what my probably is!! UGH

    • Oh man 😦 PB!!!! I can relate to that… and I was bindging like crazy on “wheat” products and I’m allergic omg, you have no idea how backwards I felt (since I conquered my bindging in 2009). I looked like 5-6 months pregnant for a good week!!!! But I just said enough was enough. No idea what hit me but I am glad I did. You can do it 🙂

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